Casino Royale: James Bond win made for movies

In 2007, at the height of poker’s popularity and in the third season of High Stakes Poker on GSN, Brad Booth, the “Yukon,” bluffed Phil Ivey. He has 10 WSOP bracelets to his name – a reputation as one of the best players who live life “like a boss.”

He sat straight, dressed in a bright white shirt with a collar straight out of Seinfeld. He wasn’t about to give up with nothing but an inside straight draw and a four-to-one outsider to win the hand.

High stakes action

” Antonio Esfandiari is one of the most successful poker players, having earned $28 million in his career,” said the expert. “He also played today and got three bricks: $300,000 extra!” “Very pushy,” Gave Kaplan of Welcome Back Kotter replied when I told him the story.

The legend of Ivy is this. He played for years and eventually folded after a bad poker hand, but that wasn’t the case! As if pulled straight out of some Hollywood script, Booth became one of his new stars because no one could believe what they had just seen him do with his eyes closed: bet everything on four suits (spades?) when everyone else bet fifteen minutes earlier.

High stakes action

Real life versus Hollywood

Hollywood loves to raise the bar regarding movies, and who can blame them? The chances of getting such a great hand in real life are high unless you play poker with celebrities. With a movie star look akin to Booth’s style (he always knew how to dress), he would fit right into any scene featuring various stars such as the protagonist Maverick or the centrepiece of the guilty pleasures of The Cincinnati Kid: Women and…More Women.

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“Lights, camera, movement!” On our next crazy giveaway. Don’t forget Brad Booth’s performance – it had a lot of real-life drama and only grossed $300,000 compared to the big screen!

Stacks and relationships

Casino Royale, the 21st film in the James Bond series, wowed audiences with its fast-paced action and breathtaking visuals. Daniel Craig gave an unforgettable performance as MI6 007; he is one of their favourite actors for this role!

High stakes action

Tension in the air escalated as the $1 million was announced.

Yes, a million blind people? What’s the matter? Couldn’t find your voice today or anything else you need to say?

“This is incredible!” said René Mathis, Bond’s contact in Montenegro. The amount of action this game has produced so far has left him speechless and pale with shock – almost as if he were a ghost from another time sent back to report the crisis of our modern society through its old medium, the gambling industry.

Excitement builds as four players compete in peepers for an ace of spades on the turn. Two show an ace; one shows an eight (8), a six and a four, and many other possibilities, including full houses or flushes! These are not just straight sticks – 4spads even have their special type: “straight flush.”

Because of pure mathematics, Bond won the hand and went all-in for $6 million. A short stack in fourth place cancelled his bet after only two cards were dealt from Le Chiffre’s deck – surely he covered it? With the odds against you now, it’s hard not to worry, but a skilled player like Bond always seems capable when it’s needed most!

The man wasn’t nervous when he reached into his stack and placed four tablets on top of two stacks. Sliding them in the middle, it became clear that this would not be an ordinary game!

“I have a new team for you,” he announced, and his eyes moved to Bond.

Big screen, big money

Suddenly, Le Chiffre’s eyes opened, and he began to raise his eyebrows. His left eyelid drooped slightly as if he were sleepy or tired; it gave him an air of absent-mindedness—perhaps even stupid enough to fall into such a trap! He placed both hands on the table with fingers spread wide so as not to be mistaken about what might happen next…

Le Chiffre didn’t look exhausted, but Bond seemed puzzled. He weighed his options for a few seconds before counting out $14 million in chips with one hand, pushing them forward into an enticing pot that would be filled soon enough with Leatham’s remaining fortune – if not too late!

The main pot was an incredible $47 million, while the side pot between Le Chiffre and Bond was a staggering sum. There was no way he could fold to an extra 2+5 million after we looked at his cards which had one ace and a six for a full house!

Mathis leans in, and his girlfriend says, “You must be kidding!” He whispers back with a smile, telling her how much money is in the bank. She shakes her head, continuing to disbelieve what he is saying, even though bets are being placed around them – a whopping $115 million figure!


The crowd berserk when Player 1 reveals his card and turns over the King of Spades. This is an important hand because it’s not just a regular pair that would give them four aces, but rather one that you can beat both Bond and Le Chiffre in their own game – an ace flush! It’s time to act; will he have the necessary cards to destroy these criminals?

Like a real pro, Bond moved his cards face down to the middle, then turned over five cardellos (the Spanish word for hearts) and sevens. Their eyes were fixed on him as he handed out one perfect hand after another!

The whole room, full of spectators, was shocked by what they saw. Do four monsters enjoy this clash at the same time? It just doesn’t happen! But then again, if you’re lucky and have four aces up your sleeve – well… let’s not kid ourselves – that’s how things will work out for all parties involved: great.