Betsoft’s Fire & Steel Overview

Fire & Steel is a little fantasy world where you can play as the Shieldmaiden or Swordsman and battle it out with your opponents for wealth. The game features two warring sides: blue (representing peace) versus red (embodies violence). Watch these warriors use their wild symbols, which don’t leave any space on the reel until they’ve turned all available parts into emoji-style figures! At center stage lies an adhesive symbol created through crossing blades symbolic of what happens when they coincide – sticky stuff gets generated right before us.

The Double Up Feature

The slot is an immersive, 5 reel and non-standard layout with 20 pay lines that offer both ways of winning. It features a 95% return to player percentage in high definition graphics; it will draw you into its beautifully rendered background, which includes uniquely designed mystical dragons as well otherworldly landscapes like castles or wasteland – all while giving players the opportunity for potentially rewarding playtime thanks to Double Up feature where they can make twice as much on every win!

Game Symbols and Badges

In this game, you can choose from two different characters: the Shieldmaiden and Swordsman. They both act as wilds on top of their regular payouts when they appear in reels 2-5 during regular play, but if someone triggers the free spin bonus feature, there is more than just disappointment waiting for them!

They Battle, You Win

Fire and steel is an exciting slot machine that can be played on a diamond-shaped grid. This game features 5 reels with 3 rows, 4 columns for each bet line in a total of 20 paylines available to players they will need winnings from left or right, depending if it’s their lucky night! The minimum coin size starts at 0.40 USD up until 100 credits are required before deciding how much money you wish to deposit into play – but don’t worry because there’s plenty more where this came from when things get tight during those big wins.

There are many options for playing slot machines, but the basic process stays similar. Betting size affects how much you can win in total; if your bet were $5 on an arcade game with three symbols that each have values between 1-25 cents, and they all complete a winning combination together, then this would give 25 points towards earning threshold requirements (or more). Max Bets & Autoplay buttons allow players to set limits when placing bets online through our website!


Fire & Steel Special Bonus Features

Swordsman and Shieldmaiden Wilds

Fire & Steel is a game of strategy and luck. The player must match symbols on the reels to turn them into wilds, which can be combined with other players’ combinations or used as replacements for existing ones. The Swansoneffect slot machines have expandable warriors that get stronger when they battle it out – this means you will often see both sides appear at once! You might also spot locked coins during your playtime; these special items give 10 free spins (with no extra cost) if matched together while having intersecting beams light up around them before time runs out.

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The Double Up Feature

The gambling mini-game in which you have a chance to double your winnings involves choosing between Head or Tail for the coin landing. If it’s headed, put two coins on it; if it tails – don’t risk anything! You can choose whether or not to go ahead with gambling all (which means risking everything) and how much should be wagered upon each try: from 1% to 100%.

Fire & Steel Mobile Play

Betsoft has taken care of every punter with its products, even those on mobile devices. The games are optimized so you can enjoy the same state-of-the-art experience no matter what device it is being played on – desktop or tablet! You won’t need to download any Additional Software because fire and steel are Always Free.


This game has many valuable symbols, such as the wild card that offers 500 coins for landing any 5 cards. Another lucrative symbol is the crown which pays 250 Coins per five-of-a-kind! That’s up to 2500 total possible awards when playing free spins bonus levels with 20 spaces available on each reel – so don’t wait too long before trying your luck at these exciting games of chance! You could earn 138500 points if you manage those lucky wheels.


Fire & Steel is a fantastic slot machine for those who love the fantasy genre. It features fire-breathing beasts, deadly warriors with shields and crowns, and excellent visuals that keep you on your toes in this online community’s world of knights! The free spins round may not often trigger, but when it does, there are plenty of rewards waiting to be had by lucking out during gameplay which might make up some good strategy test time because everyone has their wayfinding success at these types of games – especially since no two players ever do anything alike anyway.